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SaniSwing offers a combination of features that make it perfect for food processing, warehousing, distribution, food retailing and food service environments.

-    .75" thick HDPE panel is durable and easy to clean Exclusive overlapping and flexible PVC gasket on upper half of door is finger safe
-    Integrated, full wash-down, stainless steel and UHMW-PE, no-rise hinges
-    Large frameless .75" thick acrylic window
-    Pre-attached hinge plates make installation quick and easy

Our .75" panel is 50% thicker than any competitive product and offers outstanding impact resistance and long term durability.

Unlike ABS materials, our high density polyethylene (HDPE) panel is resistant to fats, acids and solvents.

The leading edge design creates an overlapping, clear and flexible PVC safe area for fingers on the top portion of the panel.

The large, frameless acrylic window is the same thickness as the door panel which enhances visibility and increases safety.

HDPE impact plates can be added to provide additional shielding and protection for the door panel.


    Stainless Steel Spring Loaded Hinge

  •       SaniSwing Double [ PDF]
          SaniSwing HL [ PDF]
          SaniSwing HR [ PDF]
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